On the Sweet Side
The BRICK Brownie (a rich
fudgy brownie packed with enough sweet
chocolaty goodness to make Willie
Wonka's head spin!  *Nuts available*
plus tax
Sin-namon Roll
(flaky sweet roll filled with
JackJack's secret
Cinnamon-sugar filling
topped with a light icing
$20/pan of 10 rolls
plus tax
Tastettes (MINI version
of the classic cupcake; our
light & fluffy white cake is
topped with creamy
buttercream frosting, it will
have you at first bite!)
*More flavor options
$5/6 classic
$9/12 classic
plus tax
Choco Chunk Cookie  
(heavenly homemade soft & chewy
cookies packed with tons of sweet
chocolate morsels, these aren't your
Mama's regular chocolate chip
$10/6 cookies
plus tax

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Please allow us 24 hours to respond & 48 hours to fill your order once

Pick up is in N Central Phoenix, near 7th Ave & Glendale Ave.

*There is a $10 minimum order*

For any inquiries, don't hesitate to Call Jackie at (480) 213-5577  
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The Apple Pookie
it's a pie/cookie hybrid; we
use JackJack's Sugarlicious
Cookie recipe as the pie
crust and stuff it with
homemade warm apple
cinnamon-sugar filling.
*More flavors coming soon*

plus tax
Mini Apple Pookie
can't handle the whole
Pookie???? No problem, go for
the baby version!
*More flavors coming soon*

plus tax
Banana Brick
fluffy from scratch banana
bread.  May be made with
nuts & chocolate.  
$6/mini loaf
plus tax