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*ALL Menu Items are Gluten Free*
Super Balls (mashed potato/applewood smoked bacon/cheese, rolled
in panko and fried to a golden crisp)

Chicken Chunks (all-white chicken breast, lightly battered and

Swaffle (juicy breakfast sausage link dipped in our homemade Belgium
waffle batter and lightly fried)

Jimithing's Mozz (creamy mozzarella wedges covered in garlicy
bread crumbs and fried)

Irish Nachos (crispy golden circle potatoes topped with melted
cheese, pico de gallo, jalapeños, and  Mama Jim's homemade guacamole)

The Dominican (a combo of crispy golden circle potatoes and our
fresh corn tortilla chips  topped with melted cheese, pico de gallo,
jalapeños, and  Mama Jim's homemade guacamole

Nachos (our fresh fried corn tortilla chips  topped with melted cheese,
pico de gallo, jalapeños, and Mama Jim's homemade guacamole)

FAT Fries (FRESH CUT crispy golden fries, seasoned to perfection)
Sliders (2 mini mouthwatering 100% Organic  beef patties
wrapped in crisp lettuce and topped with your choice of fixings)

Mamadilla (2 fresh flour tortillas stuffed with Mama Jim's
cheesy blend and topped with your favie fixings)

Grilled Cheese "Swamich"(cheese melted between 2
pieces of fluffy white bread)

Peanut Butter Jelly Time! (good old fashioned
creamy PB joined with your choice of strawberry or grape jelly)

Scrambie Eggs (build your own scramble with our fluffy farm
fresh eggs and fresh add ons)

Gut Bomb Breakfast Burrito (warmed flour tortilla
stuffed to the hilt with egg, meat, diced home potatoes, and your
favie fixings; it’s sure to create a taste explosion in your mouth!)

Bag O'Chips (FRESH homemade crisp potato chips)
D'OH Balls (our version of D'OH-nut holes on steroids, with your choice of orange, maple, lemon, or raspberry flavored

Sonshine Cinnamon Churro Cupcakes (Cupcakes Central’s spiced cinnamon cake, deep fried to perfection
and rolled in our special cinnamon-sugar blend)

Choco Cookies (from scratch chocolate chip cookies; flavor of nuts and chocolate chips vary from week to week)

Jack Jack’s Sugarlicious Cookies (from scratch sugar cookies topped with a sweet sugar glaze)
sour cream
garlic aioli
thousand island
Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
maple syrup
bottle water
glass bottle pop
On the SWEET Side
Please note that our Menu is subject to change for each event.